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Good bye acne

We invite you to see our featured stories on Instagram to evaluate the extraordinary before and after in cases of acne that we offer.

Before we begin, we perform a diagnosis to determine the degree of acne and what will be the ideal combination of protocols to eliminate the bacteria, reduce inflammation and then, perfomr the appropieate treatmen.

We use various treatments, tailored to the need of the skin that may include chemical peeling (depends on each patient).

Treatment advantages:

✅Your impurities, papules and pustules will disappear.
✅Your skin will be free of sequelae, blemishes and scars.
✅You will learn how to take care of yourself at home and gain habits and routines to keep your skin’s PH balanced.

Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes per session.

The price for one session is $199, however we recommend and offer the full package of 6 sessions for $169 each session.

NOTE: When you make the purchase and reservation through this way, you will be able to choose and schedule the first session, although you are taking advantage of the price for the complete package of sessions.  Subsequent sessions will be scheduled at a later date.

Before booking please read our appointment cancellation policy and rules by clicking here.

Desde: $199.00