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Anit-age Booster

Rejuvenate instantly with this treatment that gives your skin the firmness and luminosity you crave.

This is basiccaly radiofrequency therapy in which you will gain toning, nourishing and reaffirming your face instantly.

Before performing this treatment it is necessary to have clean skin, that is why in this protocol we perform a deep facial cleaning.

It includes:

✅Lumi Spa Cleansing.
✅Ozone steam.
✅Exfoliation and hydration on hands and arms.
✅LED mask.
✅Mask according to your needs.
✅Facial Yoga Techniques – Facelift during the entire protocol.
✅✅✅More Radiofrequency.

Treatment advantages:

✅Attenuates and reduces expression lines and wrinkle depth.
✅Heals the skin from the inside out.
✅Tissue repair.
✅Helps stimulate collagen production.

Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes each session.

Before making your reservation please read our appointment cancellation policy and rules by clicking here.