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Deep Facial Cleansing with OxyPeel

O2 a Derm, oxygen facial therapy or oxygen dome, is a hyperbaric anionic oxygen system that converts natural air into pure oxygen up to 92%, and them sends it through the dome-shaped mask.

Before performing this treatment it is necessary to have clean skin, that is why in this protocol we perform a deep facial cleaning plus OxyPeel.

It includes:

✅Lumi Spa Cleansing.
✅Ozone steam.
✅Exfoliation and hydration on hands and arms.
✅LED mask.
✅Mask according to your needs.
✅Facial Yoga Techniques – Facelift during the entire protocol, plus O2toDerm.

Treatment benefits:

✅Regenerates and hydrates.
✅Repairs tired, sequelae and mature skin tissues.
✅Oxygen helps increase the efficiency of any approved products used under the dome, making them more active for deeper penetration into the skin.
✅Improves skin tone.
✅Provides smoothness and promotes skin texture.
✅Instantly leaves a long-lasting glow effect.

Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes

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