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Deep Facial Cleansing with Dermapen

Dermapen is a “magic” pencil that helps to erase and correct imperfections. It is also known as Microneedling.

Before performing this treatment it is necessary to have clean skin, that is why in this protocol, we perform a deep facial cleaning.

It includes:

✅Lumi Spa Cleansing.
✅Ozone steam.
✅Exfoliation and hydration on hands and arms.
✅LED mask.
✅Mask according to your needs.
✅Facial Yoga Techniques – Facelift during the entire protocol.
✅✅✅✅ Plus Dermapen.

Treatment advantages:

✅Attenuates wrinkles and expression lines.
✅Eliminates scars, blemishes and acne sequelae.
✅Improves texture, open pores and uneven tones.
✅Provides nutrients that help your skin look radiant and luminous.

Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes per session.

The price for one session is $289, however, for greater benefits we recommend the 4-session package at $179 each session.

NOTE: When making the purchase and reservation through this way, you will be able to choose and schedule the first session, although you are taking advantage of the price for the complete package of sessions.  Subsequent sessions will be scheduled at a later date.

Before making your reservation please read our appointment cancellation policy and rules by clicking here.